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After all, who is ‘Apsara Rani’ whom Ram Gopal Varma said ‘storm’, see the picture, the fans sweat

Famous director Ram Gopal Varma, who has been away from the media for a long time, has once again come into the limelight. Apart from films, Ram Gopal Varma, who is in the discussion about his tweet, is making headlines this time about an actress. Recently, he posted a post praising a bold actress, after which he has come under the trolls’ target. This actress is Apsara Rani who is very beautiful like her name. Now Ram Gopal Varma agrees on the things he has written about Apsara, but some people have trolled him badly. Tell you who are the Apsara Queen who has made everyone her lover.

Ram Gopal Varma became a fan of Apsara

Ram Gopal Varma wrote – I had not heard of Odisha since 1999 before meeting Apsara. After meeting Apsara, I realized that such storms settle here. It is a good thing that there is so much beauty in Odisha… .and get beauty in Odisha. Actually Apsara Rani belongs to Odisha. Soon Apsara will play the lead role in Ram Gopal Varma’s next film ‘Thriller’.

Even before the arrival of this film, Apsara has made people crazy with her bold pictures. Talking about them, Ram Gopal said that she was born and brought up in Dehradun. Apsara is currently in Hyderabad. She is not only a brilliant actress but also a tremendous dancer.

Fans liked nymph

Recently Ram Gopal Varma has shared his picture tagging Apsara. On seeing the picture, the number of his followers has started increasing. Let me tell you that in early July 2020, he made a page on his Twitter. It is interesting that within 10 hours of Ram Gopal Varma’s tweet, 10,000 followers of Apsara increased. Apsara has become an overnight internet sensation.

Fans troll Ram Gopal

Fans are loving the style of Apsara Rani, but the fans do not like to praise Ram Gopal Varma. One user wrote that why are you always kind to women, do not give men a chance, why? Never compete with equality, we will also tell. Let me tell you that Ram Gopal Varma recently tweeted that the heroine Apsara Rani will be the next film of RGV World Theater.

The film will be titled ‘Thriller’. This will be the success story of Climax and Naked. With this, he shared 8 pictures of Apsara. Fans liked these pictures of Apsara.

Let me tell you that some time ago, Apsara while sharing a post late night wrote that it is midnight. I am so excited that I have 15 thousand followers. In response, Ram Gopal Varma wrote that there is a doubt, who took this picture at 12:59 minutes of the night. In response, Apsara also wrote that my mother, she is a very good photographer. Let us know that the actress has worked in films like Ulaala Ulaala and Four Letters and RGV is ready to hit the ground once again with this actress. It will be interesting to see whether the fans like their acting like the beauty of the actress Apsara.

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