Who is Vikas Dubey, because of which eight policemen, including DSP, lost their lives, where did such strength come from?

Eight policemen were killed and seven policemen were seriously injured in a massive attack on a police team that went to arrest Vikas Dubey in Kanpur.

Among those who died were Bilhaur police officer Devendra Mishra and SO Shivrajpur Mahesh Yadav. Vikas Dubey, who went to arrest this team, is not only charged with crimes but also has dozens of cases registered. Their considerable reach is also said in political parties.

A total of sixty cases are filed against Vikas Dubey at Chaubepur police station in Kanpur. These include many serious cases like murder and attempt to murder.

Kanpur Inspector General of Police Mohit Aggarwal told the BBC that the case in which the police had gone to dabble with Vikas Dubey was also a case related to murder and Vikas Dubey is named in it.

On the basis of the cases filed in the Chaubepur police station, it can be said that the name of Vikas Dubey has been associated with the world of crime for the last nearly three decades. He was also arrested several times but so far he could not be punished in any case.

Local journalist Pravin Mohta in Kanpur says, “In 2001, Vikas Dubey was accused of entering inside the police station and killing BJP minister of state Santosh Shukla. Santosh Shukla’s murder was a high profile murder. Despite such a big incident, no policeman gave testimony against development. No evidence could be produced against Vikas Dubey in the court, due to which he was released.

Apart from this, Vikas Dubey was also named in the case of the murder of Siddheshwar Pandey, assistant manager of Tarachand Inter College located in Shivli police station area of ​​Kanpur in the year 2000.

According to reports lodged in the police station, Vikas Dubey was also accused of conspiring in the murder of Rambabu Yadav in the year 2000 itself. It is being told that this conspiracy was hatched by Vikas from the jail itself.

In the year 2004, Vikas Dubey’s name was also revealed in the murder of a cable businessman. According to the police, in many of these cases, Vikas Dubey has gone to jail, but continued to waive bail. In the year 2013 too, Vikas Dubey’s name came up in a murder case. Not only this, in the year 2018, Vikas Dubey was also accused of carrying out a fatal attack on his cousin Anurag in which Anurag’s wife had filed an FIR against four people including Vikas.

Praveen Mohta says that he says, “Vikas Dubey’s penetration in every political party and that is why he has not been caught till date. Even if caught, he came out of jail in a few days. ”

Vikas Dubey is originally from Bikaru village of Shivli police station area of ​​Bithoor in Kanpur. In the village, he has made his house like a fort. According to the locals, no one can go inside the house without their consent.

Local people say that in the year 2002 when the Bahujan Samaj Party government was in the state, Vikas Dubey used to speak at that time. A person from the village of Bikeru, on the condition of anonymity, says that during this time he not only established his dominance in the world of crime but also earned a lot of money.

All the cases registered in Chaubepur police station are also related to the sale and purchase of land illegally. It is due to these that Vikas Dubey has allegedly created wealth worth crores of rupees by illegal means. Some of his schools and colleges also run in Bithoor.

The people of Bikaru village tell that the dominance of development was not only in their village but also in the surrounding villages. Vikas Dubey’s likes and dislikes have been very important in the election of the village panchayat and village head of many villages.

An elder of the village says, “Bikaru has been becoming unopposed chief in the village for the last 15 years, while the people of Vikas Dubey’s family have also been winning the election of district panchayat member for the last fifteen years.”
According to the villagers, Vikas Dubey’s father is a farmer and this is a total of three brothers, in which one brother was murdered about eight years ago. Vikas Dubey is the eldest among the brothers. Vikas’s wife Richa Dubey is currently a district panchayat member.

A resident of Bakru village, on the condition of anonymity, says that no matter how many cases are lodged in the police station against Vikas Dubey, no one who does his evil will be found in the village nor does anyone give a grudge against him.

According to him, around 2000, Vikas Dubey stepped into the world of crime after a dispute with Lallan Vajpayee, the chairman of the then Nagar Panchayat of Shivli.

According to the villagers, Vikas Dubey has two sons, one of whom is studying MBBS in England and the other son is studying in Kanpur.

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