Amrita used to pressurize Saif for this work, Saif had to take a decision on divorce

Saif Ali Khan is known as Chhote Nawab in Bollywood. Saif was married to actress Amrita Singh as we all know. He did this marriage most covertly. The family members were also very upset with this marriage because Amrita was much older than Saif. But slowly the matter settled and he started living a happy life. Let me tell you that Amrita, coming from a Hindu family, had accepted Islam to marry Saif.

Saif and Amrita have two children named Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan. However, both of them have been divorced now and Saif married Kareena Kapoor on 16 October 2012. Today, they both have a cute son named Taimur Ali Khan. Well, a lot of time has passed since Amrita and Saif got divorced, but even today people do not know the real reason for the divorce of both. In this post today, we are going to tell you why after so many years of marriage, Saif decided to divorce Amrita.

Saif was only 21 years old when he married Amrita. Please tell, Amrita was 13 years older than Saif, that is, when she was married, Amrita was 34 years old. When both were married, Saif’s career had not even started and Amrita was at the peak of her career.

Going against his family, Saif married Amrita and due to this, he had to spend the first several days staying at Amrita’s house. After 13 years of marriage, Saif and Amrita got divorced. Both got divorced in the year 2004.

Divorce due to

When Amrita married Saif, Saif’s career was nothing special. You can say that when Amrita held Saif’s hand, her career was almost drowned. At that time, Amrita Singh used to be the top actress and her beauty crazy actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Sunny Deol were also there. She married Saif Ali Khan at the peak of her career. After 10 years of marriage, daughter Sara was born and by that time Saif had become a well-known name in Bollywood. Amrita ended her film career to raise a daughter.

Gradually, time passed and the news of Saif’s affair started coming. According to the reports, Amrita had hit Saif with a frying pan after being upset by the news of the affair. Fed up with daily fighting and fighting, the two decided to separate. At the same time, according to Saif’s close friends, Amrita was pressurizing him to start a business in Saif’s bad times, but he did not want to do business. Not only this, Amrita had also left Saif’s side in bad times. Seeing this behavior of Amrita, Saif thought it better to separate from her.

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