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The bike was stolen from the road, but one day someone suddenly parceled the same bike, know the case

The country’s economy has collapsed due to Corona virus and lockdown. People are facing many problems. Especially the poor and the working class is suffering the most. These laborers have no work due to the lockdown. They are sitting unemployed in a non-city away from home. In such a situation, many are desperate to go home. Some are coming out of the house on foot, some are cycling several kilometers and reaching their destination.


The compulsion is such that due to hunger and money frauds, the destiny of good human beings is staggering. Now take this person working in a small tea shop in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The man first stole a motorcycle to take his family home and then parceled it back to the owner. Let us know this matter in detail.

Such a stolen bike

Suresh Kumar, the owner of the bike, runs a lathe workshop in Sulur, 20 km from Coimbatore. On May 18, Kumar had to settle some pending work in his workshop. In such a situation, he parked his bike outside the building as usual. When he came out of work, he did not have a bike outside the building. After this he went to the nearest police station where his complaint could not be registered. Actually the police was busy because of lockdown duty.

CCTV footage shows the thief
When there was no specific help from the police, Kumar started trying to find the bike thief at his level. First he went to the owner of the building where he parked his bike. After watching CCTV footage of the building, he came to know that a man without slippers, wearing a shirt paint, ran away with his bike.

Tea seller turns out to be a thief

When Kumar showed this CCTV footage to some local people, the thief was identified as a person named Prashant. Prashant has worked at two tea shops in the same area for the last two years. Kumar went to Prashant’s house on getting information, but after finding that there was no one in the house, they along with the family went to their hometown Thanjavur (268 KM away from Coimbatore). Kumar later tried hard to locate him but to no avail.

The thief sent the bike from the parcel

About two weeks after this incident, Kumar got a call from a parcel company. When Kumar went there and was surprised to see his bike. Actually, the thief had parceled the bike to the address printed on his registration certificate. However, Kumar had to pay Rs 1400 for luggage and packaging to the parcel company to get the bike back.

Significantly, another such incident came to light when a migrant laborer stole a bicycle to take his disabled child home. Then she also left an apology note for the owner of the bicycle.

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